The porch is decorated






The porch – decorated by me and the boys. Ok, mostly by me… but they are into this!! And today they got to pick out their costumes. Halloween, it’s lots of fun, especially when you have kids.

Talking about fun. This blog → DamnGirlGetYourShitTogether  makes me laugh a lot and at the same giving me some great tips and info! She’s a girl from Detroit, an amazing writer (I wish I had that in me!) and damn funny!! Check it out!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Happy weekend



New plant, from Fleur Detroit. The green plus the warmer tone on the planter is a good complement to the colder tones in the bedroom, I think!

I took Oliver to the doctor today, but all tests were negative which is good, so hopefully the fever will go away soon.
A slow Friday night is waiting with home made Thai chicken curry and Suits. I think we have a whole season in front of us (!). I’m done with Game of Thrones, oh what an amazing show!! I want more now!

Have a wonderful weekend me sweet readers!!

Rainy fall day



The first cold and rainy day and I have to say I’m enjoying it. We walked into town to get a coffee at the new Starbucks. I like this old building and thumbs up for the copper sign and black awnings. The inside looked good too! Now it’s time for candles and snuggle. Oliver is still sick.
Later tonight I’m taking Eddie-Bo to Disney on Ice, never seen that before so that will be fun. Little stinker has to stay home of course. And that’s booooring he says, poor thing.