Last day in The States


The last night spent in this bed for awhile! We are, for once, all done packing up without any stress and we still have a few hours before we have to go to the airport, I guess I’ve finally learned after thirteen years of traveling back and forth between The States and Sweden :)



It’s so HOT here today, 98F/37C (!) so I’m loading up with tons of water and an ice cold lemonade and soaking up the last hours by the pool.

And Happy Father’s day to all the dads out there! (it’s American Father’s Day today)

See you in Sweden peeps!!



Summer vacation


Sommarlov!! Summer Vacation!!


Yesterday was Eddie-Bo’s last day of kindergarten! I was so emotional, he’s been having the best teacher ever, Ms Keller and we’ll miss her!! But summer vacation means more time to do sports during the days, thumbs up for that for our sport crazy son!


Oliver was done with all his school, speech therapy and summer camp two days ago. I’m so proud of both of them. They have been working hard and learned so much this past year. Olivers speech has improved a LOT, and Eddie-Bo reads and surprises me every week of things he knows.



My heart melts for these two and I’m so thankful I got to spend so much time with them.


A few gifts were waiting for them at home and after that we went to lunch at Luxe, a favorite spot in Birmingham.


Later in the afternoon we had a summer party at our house with The Helm’s, Ericsson’s and Gray’s.


That lasted a long time! The kids thought night swimming was really cool :)


And to make this day even more special, Oliver ended up with a sleepover at Lisa’s house and Eddie-Bo went home with his friends Lucas and Beau. Weird to wake up all by our self, that was a first I think in this house.
Oh yesterday was such a great day, I hope the kids will remember this in the future.

Now, I’m looking forward to our Sweden trip. We are leaving tomorrow night, so I need to keep packing up and prepare for that. But a massage and dinner out are also on today’s schedule!

Kram//Xx Cissi



The blanket and our Lisa


Someone asked me about the blankets. They are from Target and I think the colors are perfect out here by the pool and on the patio. I regret I didn’t buy more than two of them though. I think I have to squeeze in another Target trip before we go home to Sweden on Sunday :)


1G6A6545 (1)

↑ In the background -Oliver and our amazing babysitter Lisa. Everyone should have a Lisa in their life. The whole summer without her is too much for the boys, so this summer she will come and visit us for a week or two. Since we have no family around here in Usa, and with Johan being sick for the last 3,5 years, and with Eddie-Bo and Oliver’s busy schedules, I’m extra thankful to have her in my life! She’s the reason I have been doing ok. We love you Lisa, so much ♥

Finally a fanny pack


Yay or nay?? My brother Victor puked in his mouth I think when I sent him a picture, maybe it was just the color, haha… he’s not a fan of shine metallic things, but I LOVE IT!!
Finally I’m a owner of a fanny pack (magväska alltså)!! I guess it’s about thirty years since I had one :) I’ve been saying for years, especially on vacations and at amusement parks that I really need one. The ‘cool’ way to wear it now is cross body, but I like it like this too!


I found my  fanny pack (brand- EPTM) at Caruso Caruso in Birmingham, about $60 I think. And the pants are another new favorite bargain – from Zara.

Johan asked the other day if the bag is stuck to me? And yes it is :)

Here’s are a few pictures from a week ago, when the fanny pack made it to it’s first dinner and concert. A really fun night! And I’m glad Johan came with us, which is not always the case. He’s been feeling pretty good lately ♥

Banana pancakes


My plan to make banana pancakes for breakfast yesterday, turned in to our lunch instead! Because while I got stuck in bed for awhile watching a bit of Notting Hill (never get tired of that movie!!) the kids made their own breakfast, oops hehe. Can’t believe how big they are!!

Banana pancakes:

2 Bananas
4 Eggs
1tsp Vanilla powder
A little bit of salt
Cinnamon or cardamom (if you like)

Mix all ingredients and fry in coconut oil! Serve with fresh berries. I added some powdered sugar for the look – blog friendly :) Quick, easy and healthy!



Patio life


Hello from the patio, now finally with a rug! I could have gone a size bigger, I think it looks best when it covers all the chairs, but I was afraid it would be a stumble hazard where we walk all the time… and when I found this one at Ikea I decided to go for it! It gave the patio a much more cozy feeling.




Table and Hurricane// Restoration Hardware   Green vase// West Elm   Gold planter// Plum Market and the green leaves are leftovers from the peonies in the living room. Always a good idea to put leftover leaves in a smaller vase instead of throw them away.


A detail I really like on the table.


I just took up the ‘palm’ in the grey planter from the basement – it was not so happy down in the dark so hopefully it will enjoy the patio life as much as I do! Also, I like to move things around to get a new feeling.
Next project here – hang up string lights in the ceiling, that I bought three years ago… We use this space a lot this time if the year, day and night time, and the light we have now are way too bright. I want a softer light and that you will get from string lights!

Time to end this lazy Sunday with the final episode of Homeland, love that show!


Peonies and rose wine kind of day


My garden peonies are blooming, me love!!! I also love that I finally got rid of the old coffee table. It was thirteen years old with too many scratches plus destroyed from a leaky vase. I decided to move down this black table from our bedroom… so now it’s empty in the bedroom…


Table// Bo Concept   Rug// Layered   Candle sticks// CB2  Vase// Restoration Hardware  Blankets// Hermes and Missoni  Sofa// Italmoda (also really old and need a facelift, I’m waiting for a new cover to arrive!)




The most beautiful flower in the world – I think!

You know what?! Someone told me it’s National Rose wine day (thanks Jana for the info, hehe) So time to pour up a glass of chilled rose wine :)
Cheers to you all!!

In love

Nephew Allan + Auntie Cissi= True love ♥

I’m so happy I got to spend ten days with these two. And so thankful Lina flew over here alone with the baby just to be with us. My brother Victor met Lina five years ago (well done Victor!!) and we are having so much fun together. And Allan ♥  Oh my, I love you so much, like you were my own baby. Which I also pretended when he was here, haha. I even told Lina -Let me know if i’m doing/helping too much :) It was also cute to see how Eddie-Bo and Oliver enjoyed spending time with there baby cousin. But if you ask Allan he loves Johan the most (Johan says).


We miss you two already, but it won’t be long until we’ll see you again back home in Sweden.

Happy Friday peeps! I’m totally energized and getting lots of stuff done at the house today- paper work, cleaning and I also found two moving guys on the street, so they came to help me moving out my broken coffee table and aslo helped me to get a rug under my crazy heavy outdoor table. Thumbs up!

I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Detroit street art


A must see in downtown Detroit!! You will find all these amazing murals in the Eastern Market area. It’s a project called Murals in the Market. Enjoy!