Pilates fan


Pilates on reformer – my favorite work out that also works best for my back. It’s super hard, fun and challenging. And best of all the variety is endless. The person who came up with these reformers is a genius!!





And here I am in pants from ByShapeMeUp , dirty Adidas hoodie and St Patrick’s Day glasses. You never know what to find in my friend Jana’s car :)

Btw, I just saw that ByShapeMeUp has a sale going on. I feel I need to order the snake pants!

Happy St Patrick’s weekend to you all!

Garage and roof top


The garage, size suuuuuper big! Coolest garage ever. I think. Black doors and windows are next to install and after that the exterior is pretty much done. Love the industrial look with the concrete walls and the aluminum roof, same roof as the main house!


Spa to the left, pool house to the right. Not too bad, not too bad…


And this brick will cover the rest of the walls.


Takbjälkar på plats! Joist/tie beams (correct english words?) are up! This add on will be our ‘pool house’ with a roof top.


Hello new sliding doors, and good bye to the windows. How dreamy will it be to open up those doors from the kitchen and get out here and enjoy the lake view, drinking coffee. Or rose wine. Or white wine. Or red :) You get it. Gaaaaaa!! Can’t wait!! When I picture this the weather is just perfect… so from now on Sweden, you better deliver amazing summers!!

Summer 2018 I’m ready for you!



Brighter days coming up


Lovely sun rays peeking thru the windows. And tonight it’s time for daytime saving, dags för sommartid, so nice to get lighter evenings! I have to say March is my least favorite month of the year. I love the winter, but when March comes I’m so done! Can’t wait to get warmer days and to skip all winer clothes. Soon. So soon!

Today has been a busy family day, filled with hockey (again!). First practice in the morning and after that we got the opportunity to skate at Little Caesars Arena, so we invited Eddie-Bo’s team with families, and we all had so much fun!

Now – cozy evening in the sofa with a few episode of Homeland! Love that show.

Kram//Xx Cissi


Swedish magazines


Swedish interior magazines on top of my rug from Swedish Layered. Two things I like a lot!

It’s 8pm and the kids just fell asleep, and I will now dive into these magazines in front of the fireplace. Even though I follow many lovely interior design accounts on instagram, I still prefer to sit down with a magazine. So thank you Pirri for bringing these to me. Yep, Swedish magazines are always on my wish list when people come to visit!

Kram//Xx Cissi

The wall


I’m in love with this wall! They also serve magical sweet potato fries here. Don’t miss to visit Four Season in Jackson Hole, if you’ll be there!

Trying to get my energy back. I feel I need to do something productive, I think I’ll go over the kids closets while listening to a podcast. ‘Livet på Läktaren’, with Maja and Sanna is a favorite at the moment. They are living with soccer players, very entertaining to listen to and lots of things I can relate to, hehe. They are about thirteen years younger than me and its bringing back memories from when we first moved over to Detroit!

Later tonight we’ll have some friends over for dinner, perfect with some support and love! I’m planning to cook Chicken Thai Curry, nom nom.

Kram//Xx Cissi