Welcome to the world little man, Allan Johan Sebastian ♥ Born on Christmas Day. Aww, I miss my new nephew so much!!!! He was for sure the highlight of our Sweden trip!!

The cute blanket I found at Target and my hoodie is from Arizia, Johan asked if I moved into that one?! Almost.



Cousin love!


Triple in favorites – my brother Victor, Lina and Allan!!

My chill spot


This is my favorite spot to end the day if I watch tv, that is part of our bedroom. It’s been looking the same for a long time though and I’m about to change a few things. Fun!

But before I land in the sofa right here with some raw chocolate balls, I’m planning to go thru the boys closets. We have a Mexico vacation coming up next week (oh yeah!!!!) so I need to see what still fit my growing boys!

Kram//Xx Cissi

My favorite player


My amazing Eddie-Bo!! He’s been playing so good and has been scoring many goals in every game in the tournament, until today when he had triple coverage every shift (punkmarkerad av två tre spelare) I didn’t even understand that until other parents told me… I just thought he didn’t get as much done as normal… oops…


Go Bloomfield Blades!!




Oliver and Lily ♥ The love story continues -Mom, I love Lily so much!!


They had their first disagreement at last weekend’s lunch date. Lily told her mom – Oliver put ketchup in my hair but I’m still gonna marry him! Next time she saw him she told him that was not ok but I still love you! Awe!! Also. He just got invited to her birthday tea party. Oliver and all the girls. So cute!!


A proud hockey mom with an important sign. A must every game Eddie-Bo says.


Now over to something surreal and crazy that happened today. When Eddie-Bo and I left the rink we heard 5-6 gun shots!!! We got into the car and then I saw a police man aiming his gun behind his car… I called our coach that I knew was behind us to tell them to stay inside. The locked down the rink for over an hour. They finally got the gun man and everyone got home safe. Scary moment and I was shaking when we took off.

Now I’m gonna celebrate life!

Beautiful sun rays



Beautiful sun rays peeking in thru the windows today! We Swedes like to talk about the weather, I know it’s boring but… it took me by surprise every day when we were home in Sweden how dark it was. Pitch black at 3.30pm (shoot me!!) in the winter. But on the other hand we get the brightest summer days. However, the winer darkness will be hard to get used to the day we move home.
And the weather here in Birmingham has been crazy since we got back, from snow and -19C/-2F, to 10C/50F and rainy, and now snow and freezing again!

We have lots of hockey and family time on the schedule this weekend. Eddie-Bo is playing in a tournament and left the house 6am to play the first game. Oliver and I stayed in bed enjoying a cozy morning together :) But we won’t miss the rest of the games. So much fun to see him play!!