Mini vacay

A lovely 24h mini vacay with my girls Challe and Glitzy at Steam Hotel in Västerås, Sweden. What an amazing hotel, perfect for an interior design nerd like me. More pictures to come, I’m sitting in the car right now on the way back home.

Xx Cissi

Garden work


We are now finally starting to do the garden, here are Jens and Markus in action building a beautiful stone wall. The garden is a very big project and this is a good start.



All of the sudden the sky was flirting with the camera.

That was a quick update of what’s going on right now!

The fireplace – before and after

IMG_0950 2

It’s time for another before and after! I liked the old fireplace, but I thought it was too small for the room and the new one just goes better with the new style. This old living room is now our kitchen!







Couldn’t be happier with the result!!


Our lovely summer house


I had a plan to take fresh pictures of the summer house in Småland (in Björköby to be more specific. That’s close to Johan’s hometown and we built this house 2006, my first bigger project). But our plans got changed and we left earlier than planned so there was no time for me and the camera! However it looks the same as last year. So here comes some pics from the archive.



Details from our small bedroom. The headboard is made by Johan and I many many years ago, and the mirror is made by an old friend, probably 15 years old. The table light is a mix of two lights, I like to mix brass and chrome and another favorite detail is the porcelain bowl that I bought on one of our trips to Thailand.


This house is also by a lake and right here the ‘building size rules’ are very strict. We made the bedroom as small as possible and saved some space by using drapes instead of closet doors, sliding doors would have worked but I like the soft feeling you get from the drapes. Behind the drapes are two simple closets with drawers in the middle, and on each side there are two rods for hangers.

I feel you if you are confused by all our houses. I am too sometimes. And the kids. They always ask – What house are we going to?! For new followers – Hello and welcome! I’m trying to use my categories so this house I call ‘Summer house Sweden’, and the the other one ‘Swedish lake house’, hmm I might have been drunk when I came up with that… and the third one is USA home!

Now – time to kill a crazy annoying fly before I fall asleep.


Nässjö Hockey Camp


Happiness to play in the zamboni snow!


Hey bro, I will throw some snow on you ok?!



We found new friends from Gislaved.

Important to check the flex :)


What a fun week. It’s been busy with early mornings and long days, 8am-3pm Mon-Fri, and on day 6 it was finally game time! Eddie-Bo really enjoyed the camp, but he’s shy in new environments and he didn’t know anyone. We decided to be there to support him every day and I’m super proud of him!!


After the camp we packed up and left this house. In the rain. I know I wished for rain, but bad timing when I had to walk back and forth between the house and car a hundred times :)


Until next time Småland.

Kram//Xx Cissi


Small and cozy living room


Eddie-Bo and Oliver were too cute right here, snuggled and talked about the show they were watching, so I had to grab the camera to get some sibling photos. Next second they were gone though playing basketball outside.


Nothing new here at all except for the dark purple gladiolus. I really like this tiny space with a lot of furniture, a cozy place to hang out. If I would spend more time here right now I would maybe add some mustard/yellow pillows. But I won’t, tomorrow we have a German family coming to rent our house for a week. I learned German in school about twenty years ago, so I need to dig up some German from the brain… Wilkommen! Hallo ish heiße Cissi. Yep that’s a good start :)

Right now I’m here



Our house in Småland! These pictures are from last year when everything was green and beautiful!! My gosh… not the case this year. The lawn has never looked worse. I never thought I would wish for rain in Sweden!!

So this is where I am at the moment and I’ve spent most hours of this week in Nässjö Ice rink. Eddie-Bo has a hockey camp, and I enjoy being there with him. But also some time to catch up with friends and family in this area. Plus my dad and nephew came to surprise visit us yesterday in his RV (husbil) so fun!

Tomorrow it’s time to get some fresh pictures, I’ve been a lazy blogger this week :)

It’s all about the details


I didn’t want to have a knob on the railings so our smith (smed) custom made these plates, a detail I really like and I think it looks great with the leather wrapped railing!



Hallway plans


Right now I’m about to get our hallway some love. A new black drawer arrived a couple weeks ago, and I just got the old original (still dusty and dirty) double doors back in place.


I’m planning to hang a big mirror on the wall and two framed pictures above the drawer.


And I have ordered thick linen curtains to cover all clothes and baskets. That will be a nice touch and give it a clean look.


And same here – a curtain to cover that space. Will show you when they are done and installed :) The sewing machine and I are not best friends, so I’m happy to use processional help for that!

Time to drink a glass of wine with my mother in law. I was lucky to get a good one of those :)

Kram//Xx Cissi

Details with history

These old baking canisters are part of my childhood! My mormor (grandma) found them many many years ago when she bought a house and opened up a cafe in my home village Björsäter. Before that it was a bakery in that building. She built a new house next to the cafe and used the canisters as decoration. At the same time my mom got pregnant with my oldest brother. Mom, dad and my brother lived with my grandma for a bit, then mormor moved out, a few years later I was born, and five years later my parents got divorced and mom moved. (Quick timeline!) Dad still lives in the same house and the canisters have always stayed there. Until know that I decided that I want them :) I like to mix some old pieces with all new, and especially when it comes with a history!