Midsummer 2017











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Yep, that was Midsummer, very traditional with herring lunch, celebration, games and an amazing dinner, and lots of fun friends!!

Hello, long time no see!!! Puh… what a week… (and with no internet, say what!!!). Just being home with the boys is a full time job :) Plus we moved out from the guesthouse and in to the main house. I wonder how many times I’ve been walking between the houses (workout of the week for sure!), I’ve been running a tons of errands, and lots of shopping that needed to get done before the party. We had almost nothing in the kitchen… and I have to admit I was close to cancel, I just felt there is no way we’ll get ready to host a party for 32 guests in this house that is still under construction. But we decided to be here, because Eddie-Bo had soccer school close to here, for a few hours Mon-Thursday. And in the end we made it and had so much fun!!

Kram//Xx and I’ve missed you// Cissi



Spa day with these babes

What a day!! Emelie and Glitzy, I love you!! I also love my husband for surprising me, and set up this day for us at the spa, followed by delicious dinner and a suite at “Storan” in Linköping. He thought I deserved a break (after what he said) being both mom and dad for the last couple of seasons. I just hope and wish he’ll be healthy soon!! Thank you, I love you babe!!

Summer feelings

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This place is special to me. It’s our very first house that we built about ten year ago. (You only see the guesthouse in the picture). The last days I’ve been gardening a lot, which I love. It’s so green and beautiful, love this time of the year.

Yesterday I brought the kids to their cousin August’s last day of school (skolavslutning!) for 1st-6th grade, it was in a church and they were all singing so good. It brought back sweet memories from my childhood. That feeling on that day, knowing you had the whole summer off, was the best!!




Beautiful evening





1G6A0033Sunset 10.09pm!

Eddie-Bo and hubby decided to go camping tonight on an island. Oliver and I joined for a boat ride. Love being on the lake, camping not so much :)

Earlier today we went to aunt Hanna and Sven! The boys were excited to play with their cousins, plus they have a basement. Two things Eddie-Bo said yesterday he misses! Cousins, basement and camping, what a day!

Now Netflix time, ‘Orange is the new black’ it is!



Change of pace



After a week of full blown interior design mode at our renovation house, we decided to go to our Småland house where everything is already the way we want it, so nice! But I’m trying to make this place more low maintenance for the future… so some pieces like the lounge seating above (from danish CaneLine, 10 years old and I still love them!!) will be moved to our other house. Instead I want something lighter and easier to move around for this space!


In Småland



This is my favorite spot in our summer house in Småland! The kids are now in bed, hubby is watching football, Americans call it soccer :) and I finally have time to sit down and relax with some magazines and a glass of white wine (and blogging!).


Sofa// Ikea  Table// CaneLine (outdoor table)  Blanket// Missoni  Chairs, Big Ottoman, Picture, Lights// all from DIS Inredning  Small Ottomans// from NK  Stair// Snickarlaget




And two minutes later… really?!! The kids were almost ready for bed (I thought!!) were watching Pippi Långstrump when I was cleaning up and took some blog pictures… then they showed up like a storm. Blog vs Reality!! Haha!

Soon- sauna time!