Good Morning!

I hope you had a good night sleep. I slept like a baby. On an air bed. I can sleep almost everywhere. We are in Skåne visiting the Lilja family. The kids are beyond excited to be here, they love to play with Maya and Tilda, but also because our american babysitter Lisa is here! Yeah!! They love her so much. And me too! Later today the Samuelsson family will join us. The families all know one another from living close to each other in the states. I miss them a lot. Looking forward to spend a few days with these lovely people.

I snapped some pictures from our bathroom (still from the summer house) Someone asked me if I’m always neat. The answer is no. I wish. It’s impossible with two kids and a pretty messy husband (sorry Johan but it’s just fact). But I love when the house is clean and organized!

 Feel free to ask more questions or make comments! (I made some changes in the settings so I think it will be easier to leave a comment now…)



HK -Henrik Kardell.
Our mason (murare) and friend. And he loves fika. Thumbs up!
I asked him to put his initials on his work. He made these from scratch and finished up with stucco (puts). We also have stucco on the walls. All these ideas came from Johan. 



These plates are made of slate. I splurged that day I picked those, but it was all worth it.


Dagen jag valde dessa åkte spenderarbrallorna på. Det händer ibland. Men hur snygga är dom inte??



Have a great day!

Xx Cissi

2 thoughts on “Bathroom

  1. Dina July 28, 2015 / 1:38 am

    Love the blog posts.. Beautiful decorations that compliment your house.. Eddie-Bo and Oliver are handsome little boys☺


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