Marble lover

 Hello Monday!


The master bath is one of my favorite rooms in the house. Love all the carrera marble mixed with the grey cabinets. Wouldn’t change a thing if I could.  And it’s been almost four years since I made all decisions.




Today I have been working on the Darlington St. renovation, running some errands and cleaning our Master bathroom. My cleaning ladies just stopped working for us, and man, I miss them. They cleaned like crazy (I mean they brought knee pads). I always told them to not go bananas every time, but that’s how neat they were. They also became my friends, since they’ve been working for us for about seven years… So anyone in the Birmingham area, I need a new cleaning company!!  They stopped working here since they decided to work less hours. No hard feelings, they had a long drive to get here and the house is big. It will be hard finding anyone that good and that you can trust right away.

Now I’ll have to cool down in the pool. It’s crazy hot, 91F/33C. Love it though! And thank God for A/C in the house :)

Xx Cissi

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