Sunday funday

H E L L O  S U N D A Y

New gear and so ready to hit the ice. Only way to keep Oliver in one spot is to strap him into the stroller :) It takes a few minutes to get dressed when you are a hockeyplayer and to loose Oliver only takes seconds… Can’t belive how freaking fast he is!

I’m officialy a hockey mom!
We now say goodbye to slow pyjama weekend mornings. But I’m very excited. Hockey is Eddie-Bo’s biggest passion and to see him this happy and proud to finally belong to a team melts my heart.

Today he choosed to wear his no 15 Sheahan jersey

After the hockey practise we met up with friends and walked to the Farmers market.


We also visited Booth park. Lovely place for kids. Nightmare for parents with kids that run away (and that’s not only me). I need to call the city and ask them to put up a fence and gate… there are so many places they can escape.




Nothing is better than hanging out with these two!!

Xx Cissi

One thought on “Sunday funday

  1. annika September 21, 2015 / 4:54 am

    Såå många fina minnen väcks till liv när jag ser Eddie-Bo i hockeymundering….jag älskade dessa helger runt om smålands alla ishallar då Johan var liten…senare också förresten.

    Sist vi sågs lekparken var det isande kallt…håller med dig att det behövs ett staket runt…ett högt😉


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