Not always like planned

G O O D  E V E N I N G  F R I E N D S

I’ve turned into a night blogger :) I should go to bed but I’m sitting in front of the fire and watching The Voice right now (damn they are all so good). Love that show!

Poor Oliver is sick. He was up coughing all night. So I’ve been so tired today. This crazy blood moon also messed up my sleep all weekend too, haha.

Taking Oliver with me to IKEA today as planned, was not an option. Instead we’ve been home cuddling, playing and watching movie while Eddie-Bo was in school. I also had to cancel a hearing test for Oliver. He doesn’t talk almost at all so we are starting speech therapy soon. Can’t wait to hear him talk. I have a feeling he will be a funny little boy :)  He’s already a character.
During his nap I got a lot done in the house, like taking care of paper work, bills, cleaning, and I also installed my new computer. Woohoo!


Later in the afternoon Mark our massage therapist came to our house . He’s amazing!

Eddie-Bo is also a big fan of Mark. Always 10 minutes massage for him, so cute!


Version 2

Now I need to go to bed!

Good night

Xx Cissi

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