Renovation progress


Today I have been painting again. It is so much fun.
My right hand/arm is sore though :)
Here comes an update on what’s going on in my renovation house.

Jimmie the painter, paints and sings along to the rock radio channel.
The tile guy told me he didn’t have the tile yet (that I ordered in June…) and I don’t like to wait so I went home to our house and looked thru our left over tiles from when we build our house, and found these large dark gray tile and marble tile, yeah! Probably meant to be, it turned out better than my first plan, plus I saved some $$.
I got the dining room done today!
Picture taken from the dining room.
The counter tops are installed!! I picked Silestone Quartz, color Helix.  Silestone is resistant to stains, acid, scorch and scratches, which is really good.
I love how the kitchen is turning out. Can’t wait to get it done!!

Yep, that was a little peak from the house. More to come of course.

Xx Cissi

2 thoughts on “Renovation progress

  1. Annika October 10, 2015 / 5:40 am

    Vilken enorm förändring….jag gillar att du öppnat upp mellan kök och livingroom. Bjälkarna i taket ….så snyggt


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