Freeezing farm day


Brrrr Hello!!

Can’t believe how freaking cold it got all of the sudden. Today was the first day we had to use hats, mittens and warm jackets. And I was still cold… That reminds me it’s time to go thru and organize the boy’s clothes and see what we need to buy. I wanted to wear my UGGs but realized they are at the shoemaker and was ready for pick up in June… Oops (they look like new again after they work their magic).

Today we took a trip to a farm.
Oliver was in heaven, Eddie-Bo was not in his best mood and said on our way home -I didn’t like this farm, except for the donuts :) A few hours later he got fever, poor thing, so that explained why he didn’t like our trip. I guess.

Not the best picture, but the best girls!! Lisa and Evelina <3


Nellie, how cute?!!
Sweetest Liv, Evelina, me and Oliver. I really like the lights in the barn.

Xx Cissi

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