Delicious Fish Soup

H U N G R Y ??



I made this soup last night, so yummy! Perfect dinner in the fall.

These pictures were taken in Sweden though. I love our big bowls from Mateus (Another great Swedish design).

If you like fish, you have to try this! Recipe in Swedish here. For English here (NOT 12 cups water, about 5 cups, and 250g fish is about 0,5 lbs) I used the google translate and it’s not always trustworthy :) Glad I double checked!

I never follow recipes exactly, but it’s a good guide line. I used both salmon and cod and also added tomatos and served the soup with home made aioli. You can also add shrimp, and it doesn’t matter if you use yellow onion or leek.

Our dining room in our Swedish summer house.

I just got home from my friend Emelie and her three weeks old Lucy <3. They are moving to Boston in two days and I will miss them so much!! But now I have a good reason to visit Boston :)

Now bedtime. I’m so tired after today’s cycle class and many hours of painting.
Good night!

Xx Cissi

4 thoughts on “Delicious Fish Soup

  1. Mistercristo October 29, 2015 / 10:27 pm


    What is “hummerfond”? Google translates it to “lobster Fund”. I’d like to make this soon since it’s now cold outside and perfect weather for soup.

    Everything on your site looks great, and best wishes to Johan for a full recovery.



    • franzenresidence October 29, 2015 / 10:49 pm

      Hello and thank you!! Fond is more concentrated than a stock… I don’t know the English word…but you can use any fish or lobster stock and than add water so it covers all potatoes and carrots. Good luck!!


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