Busy Housewifey kind a day


I’m alive! I’ve just been under construction the last two days. I woke up and wonder who the heck was in the mirror ;) So yesterday I got my hair done (at least color, need to go back for a haircut) and the brows fixed.
Today I started the morning with coffee with some neighbors. After that I was working out with my trainer, followed by pedicure and manicure, off to the bank and a meeting and I also got an adjustment from the best chiropractor in the world, Dr Marc Gray. (also goes under Dr Snygg :)

When I got back home, me and my burgundy nails and my poor sick kids snuggled for a bit in the sofa.
Then some baking, yum!
Halloween theme, boo


I wish this could be the dinner… I guess not… well time to go back to the kitchen.

Xx Cissi

One thought on “Busy Housewifey kind a day

  1. Lisa October 22, 2015 / 5:08 am

    Bussssy lady!! Fika fika fika 😋😍 nellie skickAr kramar!! Saknar er så i värsta fall får vi FaceTima imorgon 😘


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