Renovation update

H E L L O   F R I D A Y

How are you doing??

This bathroom is now waiting for the plumber and for shower walls.

I have been painting all day. I finished up this bathroom, the hallway, some door frames, baseboards, two windows, a closet and the mud hall.

Before we started the renovation, there was just a tiny closet and no space at all here and one of two stairways down to the basement. I wish I could say it was my idea to close the stairway and also take part of the garage to make this space larger, but it was my stepdad’s idea (thank you Lage!!) Turned out great! This is the entry from the garage. 

Mud hall

After all painting I had AW (after work) with myself. I really needed some wine today :)

Looking forward to next week, all paint is done on the first floor so now it’s time to install lights and doorknobs and finish up everything. Yeah! Me and painter Jimmie will continue in the basement. One day it will be done. I think, I mean that’s the plan… gaaa it’s going so slow!! And I don’t like slow.


I wish you all a great weekend :)

Xx Cissi

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