Renovation update


I’m at the moment sitting in my robe, totally relaxed after a massage and a warm bath. Perfect ending of the day for my sore body. Matt my trainer kicked my butt earlier today and I’ve also been painting all the walls in the basement.

Oh, I really love this basement with it’s beautiful beams in the ceiling, big brick fireplace and brick floor, that were already there when I bought the house. Now with new fresh paint it looks amazing. I’ll show you more pictures tomorrow. It was too dark when I was finished so it was difficult to take ok pics.

But here is a sneak peek…

The paint is still wet here. I’m glad I decided to keep some of the old panel walls. There was a water leak down here so we had to get rid of the panel at one of the walls. So now it’s a mix of panel and drywall. I’ll show you tomorrow what I’m talking about tomorrow. And that little nook is gonna be a dry bar.


This bookshelf was also here from the beginning. It looks like a brand new piece now when it’s painted!

I’ll see you tomorrow!!

Xx Cissi

2 thoughts on “Renovation update

  1. Dina October 29, 2015 / 6:21 pm

    the renovations are looking great :) Lots of hard work.. congrats


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