Is it really November?

The weather. I love it. One day you are in a winter jacket the next one in a t-shirt. Our friends enjoyed a cold beer in the sun yesterday while me and Johan did some yard work.

Macke and Pirri.

To be honest I was working for five minutes before Eddie-Bo crashed with his bike so we took him to the doctor to make sure no glue or stitches were needed.

Dr Me just bribed with a lollipop after ripping tape off and cleaning of wound. It already looks much better than yesterday.
New pyjamas from Hanna Andersson

A trip to my renovation is coming up soon. And it’s gonna be 22c/70f today so spending most of the day outside is a must!!

As I said yesterday, the internet is not working correctly. Now my new computer is going bananas, can’t export photos all of a sudden, all photos were gone… I’m totally useless to fix things like this. So right now I’ll update from my iPhone. (that is also is pretty new and the glass is already cracked… Really?!)

Xx Cissi

4 thoughts on “Is it really November?

  1. Panny November 5, 2015 / 10:23 pm

    Oh no! Poor Eddie-bo! I hope he heals up real quick!


  2. Stephanie November 3, 2015 / 4:37 pm

    Hello, I started following your blog recently when I saw it on your husband’s Instagram. I have been a huge fan of his and the team since before I could walk and now a fan of your writing. Your blog is so sweet and I can not believe the weather in MI looks warmer than North Carolina! Send it this way!


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