First Sunday of advent


The Christmas countdown for has begun. Today at first Sunday of advent we lit the first of four candles. I think all Swedes do that, but not here in the States, right?

DSC_1656Another tradition in Sweden is all Advent stars we hang in our windows. It gives a very cozy light. We also bake and eat saffron buns.

And that is in the making in our house right now!



Oliver, my little bakers man :)

The dough is now ready for bake out. (is that correct english??)

I also need to cut Eddie-Bo’s hair. He cut his bang all by himself two days ago… it doesn’t look awesome but it could have been much worse. When we lived in Sweden I used to work as a hair stylist. Nowadays I only cut my families hair. And it should happen more often if you ask my hubby :)

In the afternoon I will bring Eddie-Bo down to the Joe to watch hockey.

Happy First Advent my friends!!

Xx Cissi

One thought on “First Sunday of advent

  1. Dina November 30, 2015 / 4:11 am

    happy first day of advent. some of us do celebrate advent in the states. love the star its beautiful. i bet the saffron buns smelled and tasted delicious. thanks for sharing . all the best☺🌟


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