Hang on hangers


My amazing mother in law Annika has been living in Bangkok, Thailand for about 14 years. Charity is a big part of her life. Five years ago she started Hang on Hangers to help and support poor women in the slum area. There are 20 women making beautiful hangers. Having a real job where you get paid, learn how to take responsibility, gives the women self esteem. Annika has thru the years helped so many people by collecting money that goes to building houses, new teeth for Ploy, getting strollers for handicapped kids and lots more. I could make the list really long!! Check out Hang on Hanger’s Facebook or the website where you can buy the hangers. They make both adult and kid size.




Here she is taking the women and their kids on a trip to the beautiful island Koh Samet.

This is one of the projects we are donating money to.
Right now she wants to build a house for two homeless boys that she is really worried about. I admire Annika and her hard work so much!!

Xx Cissi

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