Lazy Sunday

Another lazy day. Seriously, tomorrow I hope I will wake up and feel energized again. Everybody in the house, except for Lina (my brother’s girlfriend that came into town two days ago) have been a little sick, even though today the kids have been feeling good again and I feel much better than the last few days.
Me and Eddie-Bo sneaked out of the house early in the morning for hockey practice while everybody else were asleep.
Otherwise we’ve just been home, cooking a nice Sunday roast and baked a yummy cake.
We also got rid of the Christmas tree and some of all other decorations.

Old Xmas flowers out. New fresh flowers in.


Johan and Victor just dropped off my stepdad at the airport.
Bye Lage, until next time.

Now movie night. A great ending of this lazy Sunday!

Xx Cissi

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