Luxury day

About yesterday. A fabulous day. I started the day at the gym for a session with my trainer. After that I picked up Lina.
Here comes our day in pictures :)

Amazing long lunch at Ocean Prime


A trip to the mall, here at Restoration Hardware
We fell in love with the giant gold mirror. Nobody puts baby in the corner, but I did, hehe.


After a tough day we really needed in house massage :) Eddie-Bo is also a big fan of Mark and normally gets 10 minutes treatment, perfect right before bedtime! Before the massage me and Victor also went to our chiropractor/friend Marc for adjustments and we “freezed” in his chamber machine, love it! More about that another day.
We ended the day with this in front of the fireplace, yum!

As I said, a very tough day!

Tonight Lina and Victor are flying back home to Sweden. I love having them here. Up till two days ago I thought they were staying until Sunday, so that came as a chock to me. And we are leaving for a family trip tomorrow, and I thought we were leaving Monday. Me in a big nutshell :)

So I really need to start organize and packing up our bags. Right now!!

Xx Cissi

2 thoughts on “Luxury day

  1. Lina January 9, 2016 / 6:51 pm

    Bästa dagen. Bästa du!!! Tusen tack 😘😘😘


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