To do list


Family picture walls in our Master Bedroom suite

H E L L O   S A T U R D A Y

One thing I never get done is photo albums. I’ve Eddie-Bo’s first two years made in an older computer at least, but when I was trying to order the photo books, the program needed an update. I tried without any success, even brought the computer to the Apple store and that guy didn’t know what to do… So somehow order those albums and make Oliver’s baby album is on my to do list. Another thing is to order a few more canvas pictures. I have many pictures of Eddie-Bo and just a few of Oliver. Second child syndrome, right :) That runs in my family. I’m the second child and my mom gave me my baby album when I turned 30 years old!! And the last paige says To be continued… Mom, I’m still waiting :)

And do you think we have a wedding album?? Nope, but all the pictures are printed at least.


Not a family picture. Wallpaper from

We’ll see. One day it will happen, but not today. Hockey, hockey and hockey is on today’s schedule. Eddie-Bo had an early practice in the morning, more skating on our outdoor rink  is waiting and tonight we’ll go down to The Joe to cheer for the Redwings. A perfect day if you ask hockey crazy Eddie-Bo.

I hope you are having a great Saturday.

Xx Cissi

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