My day with Glitzy





Oh I just love having my Glitzy here. Great minds think alike, we are laughing a lot!

We started the day with long breakfast followed by massage at Lifetime. My massage therapist Mark is now working there and he took care of Glitzy and I tried J for the first time. Both are amazing!!
After that we brought the kids to the Redwings game. In the family room we ran into Jax Taylor from the tv show Vanderpump rules and after I told him my name he said -Oh, you have two boys, I follow Johan on instagram! Kind of funny.


There was no time to make a Swedish Easter smorgasbord when we got back home, instead we picked up some yummy sushi and prepared for the kids egg hunt tomorrow.

And thank you Glitzy for giving my blog a new design! (she’ll fix the banner tomorrow though, too tired now, jet lagged)

Xx Cissi


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