Fun week

Hello!! Pictures from yesterday and today :)



Shooting, yeah! It was at first a little bit scary, but so much fun. We Swedes are not so used to guns in general. Felt surreal to just walk in, get a gun, and start shooting after a super quick review how to use the guns. Bam bam.



We had a session with my awesome trainer Matt. Result, sore. Here I’m wearing my favorite top from Shape me up, Glitzy is the owner and designer of the brand!


And on today’s schedule was Pilates. Glitzy almost died, it was her first Pilates ever but she did very good. Result, more sore :) We both love to work out though (and eat!).



After the work out it was time for adjustments and cryo therapy here. Thank you Marc, you are awesome!

And thank you Glitzy for a great week, I miss you already!! She is now on her way back home to Sweden. Before I drove her to the airport we went downtown Detroit for dinner at my favorite restaurant Selden Standard. We’ve been eating so much good food this week.

We also made a stop in downtown to take some cool pictures.




Tomorrow I need to focus on our renovation house in Sweden. Lots of decisions to make asap. Love it!!

Xx Cissi

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