Happy Friiiiday




1G6A1862 (1).jpg


Hello my friends! Wow, today has been a very productive day, love those days. The house is clean and shiny! My cleaning ladies are coming every other Friday. Before they show up I always make sure everything is organized.
I called Stanley Steamer and they could come within an hour, so they cleaned the sofa, some rugs and the carpet in the guest room.  Love all the service in this country :)

I also took care of tons of paperwork, payed bills, set up dates for opening up the pool and sprinkler system, dropped off my car for service and did lots of laundry.
I picked out kitchen and bathroom faucets, shower head, kitchen cabinets and some lights for the guest house in Sweden. I will show you another day!

The only thing I have left on my to do list is grocery shopping, and that’s not my favorite thing to do…

But first i’ll bring the kids outside and enjoy the sunny weather.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Xx Cissi


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