More Vegas

Hello!! Sitting here with a big smile, thinking about our fantastic weekend in Las Vegas. Saturday we started off by the pool, so warm and nice and after that we went to The Mirage for sushi dinner and the incredible show Cirque du Soleil, The Beatles Love. Jaw dropping! After that we went back to Cosmopolitan, Marquee night club, and we didn’t know that the Swedish Dj duo Galantis were playing, so cool!! So in two days we covered, blues, jazz, Beatles and house music, haha great mix except for the jazz, when they only sing bububibibluubuu, that drives my crazy :)

IMG_2399 IMG_2378 Unknown IMG_2385 IMG_2394 IMG_2400



There is so much to do in Vegas. Of course you can gamble 24/7, but there are tons of amazing shows, great restaurants and more. Need to go back soon!


Xx Cissi


2 thoughts on “More Vegas

  1. Cissi L April 20, 2016 / 3:00 pm

    Du verkar vara en galet skön tjej! Jag blir också tokig av jazz🙉🙈😂


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