Cabinet color, check!

1G6A2176 1G6A2172



I got mail.  A fun one. A sample of our kitchen cabinet came today (for new readers, it’s for our Swedish renovation house, that we are keeping). I picked out the color a few month ago when I was back home in Sweden, and today when I saw the color I wasn’t sure if it was the right one. But after I moved around the sample in different rooms and lights, and compared the color with all my grey walls, I’m sure this is the perfect grey with a tone of green, NCS 4502-G.
Tomorrow I will try to find the perfect knob. I’m thinking a bigger one in brass. Let me know if you know a good one! Oh, I’m so excited for this kitchen.

Xx Cissi

One thought on “Cabinet color, check!

  1. Charlotte April 22, 2016 / 3:23 am

    Buster and punch har. Vet inte om det kan vara nåt


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