Swedish fika



I think this is the first time I’m sitting down in awhile, so hello!!
It’s been full house here today, a total of ten adults and nine kids came over. Always fun to catch up with friends. I got one picture of the Swedish fika… I’ve been a bad blogger this week, almost no photos at all…
Monday night I brought the camera but without a memory card :(  when we went to see Justin Bieber. A really great show and I think it was the loudest concert I’ve ever been to. All the girls were screaming like craaazy!! And lots of crying. Many people had bought tickets online, maybe on facebook or stubhub and there were no tickets in will call for them. Boo for fraud (bedrägeri). Me and Johan wanted to help a devastated girl and her mom, either buy them new tickets or Johan would have given his ticket to the poor girl (He was not thrilled to go anyway :) )  However, this happens a lot and they actually had some extra tickets saved for this problem. I started to cry too, I was so happy when I made sure she got in!!

Blurry picture of Jana & me. Marc bought us the Bieber t-shirts, haha!

Otherwise I’ve just been busy with my lovely boys and all their activities. Hockey, soccer, swim for Eddie-Bo and swim and three speech therapy sessions every week for Oliver.
Now I need to do some renovation planning and after that I’ll crash in the sofa watching some show. I need a new one, any suggestions??

Xx Cissi

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