Rainy day

1G6A2651 1G6A2656
IMG_2574 IMG_2576

It was a sunny and beautiful morning and while the family enjoyed a few hours by the pool, I tried Soul cycle (more about that another day) before the thunderstorm started. And it’s still raining!! We stayed in our cabana for awhile, and after that me and the kids went straight to bed and rented a movie. That way no one can touch the iPad and change movie, right?! It was so nice snuggling with the kids in bed day time, and I might have been falling asleep for a little bit.
Tonight we picked up some gyros and kabobs at the amazing place Sultan, a favorite that I can’t miss when I’m Miami. Just a five minute walk from The W. I also make sure to check out the store Atrium that is next doors to Sultan.

Now Netflix time. What a lazy day, but wonderful!!

3 thoughts on “Rainy day

  1. Annika May 4, 2016 / 11:28 pm

    I morgon skiner 🌞 på er igen….ha en härlig Kristi himmelfärds helg


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