Home sweet messy home


IMG_3346.jpgInstead of doors we have drapery in front of our wardrobes, to save some space but I also love the look of it.

IMG_3347.jpgThis corner of our bedroom is the only neat place in the house at the moment :)

Hello Sweden!! The flight went perfect, the kids slept almost the whole long flight, me not so much, but as long the kids are fine, I’m happy!! We stayed our first night at my older brother’s house, to catch up with my family and we also took a trip to our renovation for a meeting (I have some pictures to show you later).
Late last night,  we came down to our summer house in Småland. I love this house but it’s really small. Now we are spoiled with our big American home :)

Oliver is taking a nap, we are all jet lagged. So while he’s down I need to unpack rest of our bags, and move around furniture. Part of our outdoor furniture is inside, totally a mess with all furniture, all bags and toys everywhere…

Got to go!

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