Family day on the lake




Our guesthouse to the left, boathouse and the main house. Hopefully the exterior will be done by spring 2017. Note to self, set up meetings pronto!

Our very first boat ride on the lake Järnlunden, check! It’s a big lake that is connected to many other lakes, and I’m sure we are gonna make lots of great memories here.


Vidbynäs castle in Nykvarn, bigger me and two hockey bags that was part of a jumping game!

About last night. It was our friend and Johan’s previous team mate Mikael Samuelsson that had his 40th birthday party. Funny games, delicious food, an amazing magician, dj and lovely people! So wonderful to see some of our old hockey friends that now live in Sweden, and also Mikael and his wife Sandra, they have wonderful families and friends that we got to known thru the years when they lived in Detroit.
The only thing that was not so great was my taxi ride… Due to an accident, my 1h 40 min ride turned in to 4,5h!!! Johan went up early to play golf with the guys and I’m happy I left after lunch, my plan to be at the hotel early and enjoy the lake and take a long shower never happened and I ended up being one hour late for the party.




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