A few pictures from my birthday

Eddie-Bo woke up first of all and ran into our bedroom and gave me this card he had picked out and written all by himself ♥ After that Johan and the boys made me breakfast and gave me all these lovely presents!! Thank you!!

My friend Evelina and her family came over for cake, which Johan and the boys baked the night before when I went to the movies. Eddie-Bo said I was not allowed to make my own cake :)

Ended the night with a fab dinner with these lovely people at 220 in Birmingham.

I had a Mexican mule or three, my favorite drink. Cheers!



I also had a coffee date with my neighbor Denise in the morning. I really had a great day. Thank you all for making my day so special, I’m like a kid when it comes to my birthday, hehe, love it. And, ADELE and BEYONCE tickets were some of my amazing gifts I got. I’m a spoiled little b..tch :)

2 thoughts on “A few pictures from my birthday

  1. Lina September 1, 2016 / 1:05 pm

    Beyonce också???!! Men ät mig!! Lucky you!! 😍😍


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