Vintage rug


IMG_4266 (1).jpg
Vintage rug// Ikea


I didn’t know Ikea had vintage rugs, me like! Talking about Ikea, I need to take my Canadian friend Julie there that has never been, crazy right?!

Johan took Eddie-Bo to his hockey early in the morning while I stayed home and cuddled with sick Oliver. Poor little boy, hope he’ll be better tomorrow and definitely Tuesday when he starts pre school. Eddie-Bo starts tomorrow. A long summer holiday has come to an end and I think we’re all ready for school to start.

Good night!




One thought on “Vintage rug

  1. Annika September 12, 2016 / 12:44 am

    det retar mig att jag gav bort min superslitna matta som jag fick från flyktingförläggningen i Sävsjö för många år sedan….idag hade den varit supermodern.


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