Off to school




Fresh pictures from this morning! First day in Young 5’s, even though he’s more an old 5 :) We skipped Kindergarten this year, he’s ready in many ways but we felt he can have a social growth year. Also, I’m home a lot so why should he be in school between 9am-4pm? In Sweden we don’t go to 4pm until we’re 13 years old. Now he’ll do half days, same school as last year,  and I’ve just heard wonderful things about the program and the teachers. It’s also a smaller class which is great!!

Love you my sweet Eddie-Bo ♥


2 thoughts on “Off to school

  1. Lina September 13, 2016 / 5:07 pm

    Åh vad fina bilder på bubblan, och kotten i det anda inlägget. Du och frallan har världens finaste killar!


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