Slow motion renovation…

Our “small” kitchen :) It’s about 70 kvm/ 750 sq ft.


Cabinets from Falerums kök, fab!


I’m a marble lover, but it’s so sensitive. Our marble in the Us kitchen is full of matte stains, that’s why I decided to go with Silestone for this kitchen, which is scratch and stain resistant.


The backsplash got installed our last day in Sweden. A dark and blurry iPhone picture, better than nothing! I almost pooped my pants when I in the middle of the night walked from the guesthouse to the main house to see the result, hahaha. Outdoor lights will come up for sure next summer!!


I took these pictures right before we left Sweden. Not much happened over the summer and I need to call tomorrow to see if they’ve made any progress. Still waiting for the beams, range hood and stove to be installed. I picked out a nice lime paint (kalkfärg), that I’m really excited about. My last decision for the kitchen will be the knobs or handles. My first plan was to go with brass, but I’m not sure about that anymore. Our range hood (fläkt) is all brass so it might be too much. We’ll see!

You know what? I’m house hunting again. More about that tomorrow!

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