A visit to Salon 6 Birmingham

You think I’m natural dark? Nope, I need to fight my dirty blond mixed with a few grey (gaaa!!) every fourth week.
Cute Johnny is working his magic. He’s the owner of Salon 6. For some reason it looks like he put mustard on my roots, but just weird lightening, this is actually after coloring!
 Suede and leather. Me like.
Taada, the result!
Thank you Johnny and assistant Alley (how do you spell your name??)
Coat// Rag & Bone     Leather pants// Rag & Bone    Shoes// Anine Bing  Sweater//&OtherStories


Hello! What a rainy day. It’s been poring down almost all night and day, even got a flood warning alert in my phone. However, fall is here, means fall outfits. Love it. My absolute favorite time of the year when it comes to clothes. It’s the first time I’m wearing my new coat, the rest of the outfit are older favorites.

Kids are asleep, the house is organized and ready for the cleaning ladies to come tomorrow. My mother in law that lives in Bangkok always asks, why do you clean before the cleaning ladies come? Her maid I guess is moving stuff :) Mine are cleaning and I want to make sure all stuff is where they belong when they get here. Every other Friday is the only time the house is fully organized and clean, and that’s the best. Some day I’ll post a more reality picture :) My two boys and hubby are good at mess up the house, sorry bae!

I’m all done for today and ready for some Game of Thrones.

Kram//Xx Cissi



2 thoughts on “A visit to Salon 6 Birmingham

  1. Lina September 30, 2016 / 5:16 pm

    Galet snygg outfit. Den vill jag kopiera rakt av ;)


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