My day


IMG_5324 (1).jpg
Pictures from our basement.

Woke up next to Oliver that saw my phone, I sad no. Bad decision. He was screaming for 15 minutes, at the same time Eddie-Bo was mad at me that we couldn’t play hockey in the basement. Our mornings are normally nice! I dropped them off at school, now happy, then had morning coffee date with some houewifey neighbors :) got some work done, picked up the kids, took them to lunch, off to speech therapy with Oliver (yes, three times a week!) today at a new place, thought we could use a door close to the therapist room, but no, locked… ran around the big school building in the rain to the right entrance, got home, relaxed for two minutes, totally forgot I had an important meeting with the realtor and a contractor. When I realized that (plattan i mattan) I was driving on two wheels in the curves, didn’t get caught at least, which has happened a lot thru the years… got home again, now played a hockey game, snack time, took Eddie-Bo to hockey practice, Oliver didn’t want to go in to the arena, I forgot my wallet, Oliver wanted a ice cream so bad, but no money, three minutes later he pooped his pants, awesome. After practice we got home, showered, then we ended the night with pizza delivery. And I needed a glass of wine when the kids were down. Cheers my friends!

This was not Oliver’s best day. But I can’t complain. We all have our days… He’s normally so happy!!

Good night from a half dead me :)


3 thoughts on “My day

  1. Lina October 2, 2016 / 6:27 am

    Mysigt! Älskar din pyjamas! Vill se bilder på nya huset nu 😃😘


  2. Annika October 1, 2016 / 1:59 am

    never blame your kids when you need a glas of wine ;) haha…


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