Date night in Chicago


Started the day with lunch at my favorite spot Nico, that brussel sprout sandwich, oh my!! (More from Nico and my last Chicago trip here).

Then off to Barneys for some shopping. Unfournatly my stupid back is killing me at the moment, so instead of strolling around I went back to the hotel to recharge for the night.


Dinner at Bavettes. New place for us. Dark, super cool steakhouse with french lounge music with lots of accordion, the best vibe and great food.
Shellfish platter, yum. We skipped steak and and ordered more crab legs when this was gone. So good!
Next, show time! Louis CK is one of Johan’s favorite comedians. We were laughing a LOT.

Until next time Chicago!

My sweet husband booked this this trip as a surprise. Thank you!! He’s still struggling with post concussion syndrome and depression. He never complains but I see his pain every day. There is no place he rather be than on the ice and be part of his team and be able to play with the kids. Some days he acts normal, but than all of a sudden he’s in bed for two days straight. I hope every day that he will get back to feel good again. I don’t think anyone, not even me, understand what he’s going thru.

Love you and thank you for this trip ♥

4 thoughts on “Date night in Chicago

  1. Ingrid October 8, 2016 / 4:16 am

    ser ut att ni haft en underbar date tillsammans med möe god mat : )
    Ta hand om varandra o ge inte upp
    Kramar från oss / Mats & Ingrid


  2. Dina October 7, 2016 / 9:07 pm

    What a lovely date night.❤ sorry to hear that Johan is still suffering the effects. I wish we could flip a switch and make it all go away.Miss seeing him on the ice… but wish it would go away mostly for him as well as you and the boys. Family is so important. Best wishes to you both.


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