To do list


Good evening! Sitting here all by myself in front of the fireplace and enjoying some alone time. The boys are sleeping and Johan is down at the Joe. I’m a very social person, but once in a while I need an evening by myself so I can hear my own thoughts :)

There are things I want to get done before I get the key to the new renovation house.

  1. Order clothes for the kids. Fall is here and I’m not prepared at all. Need rubber boots, clothes, winter clothes etc. They are growing so fast! Almost all of Eddie-Bo’s clothes are too small.
  2. Donate a lot of old clothes and organize all closets.
  3. PHOTO ALBUMS. Been on my list like forever. For some reason I just can’t get that done. Come on me. I can do it!!
  4. Take down Oliver’s crib and get him a big boy bed.(For all Swedes that now thinks What?? How can he fit in a crib? Everything is big in America, you know!)  He’s the easiest to put down and can fall asleep anywhere at 7.30pm. He’s like Skalman (a Swedish cartoon character that eats and sleeps by the clock). Last couple of nights he’s been sleeping in Eddie-Bo’s bunk bed and all summer in Sweden he was in a regular bed. He’s ready and much better for me that he can come in to our bed every morning!
  5. Fill up the wine cellar :) It’s eco in there as you can see in the picture above!

Now I’m gonna work on No 1 on the list!

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