Fresh flowers and a picky eater


IMG_5574 (1).jpg

Hello!! Love the mix of cement and brass. So when I found this big planter it was an easy decision to click on order, two clicks actually. From Cb2, as many other things in my house. The other one is in the dining room, waiting for a big cactus.

Now dinner time, home made Swedish meatballs are on the menu. One of Eddie-Bo’s favorite. Oliver has no favorite food at all!! Drives me crazy. He eats pancakes, plain pasta, mac & cheese, rice, hot dogs, eggs, some fruit and berries, no veggies, no sauce what so ever his base food is yoghurt… Do you have any tips how I can get him to eat better?? I used to cook all baby food myself and he really ate everything up till a year ago…
Payback time if you ask my mom :) I didn’t like food until I was 13 years old and nowadays I’m a food lover and eats almost everything! Hopefully it gets better.

See you!

2 thoughts on “Fresh flowers and a picky eater

  1. Ingrid October 13, 2016 / 11:14 am

    Kajsa är uppvuxen på knäckebröd och is !!!
    Men tycker hon har blivit rätt “redig” ändå : )))


    • franzenresidence October 13, 2016 / 11:16 am

      Haha!! Ja, han växer ju iaf :) men så tråkigt när man lagar god mat och han vägrar smaka! Kram


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