Coffee break by the pool



Another beautiful day here in Michigan. I guess it’s about time to close the pool for the winter, but with this warm weather I might wait a few more weeks. I’m totally fine drinking coffee outside in a t-shirt looking at all colorful leaves floating around in the pool :)

I got the news today that the closing on my new house will be in the end of next week! I also met up with a painter and hopefully he’s ready to go as soon all million papers are signed that day. Correct me Sweden if I’m wrong, but when you buy a house there you sign like two papers, easy peasy. Here you sit down with lots of people, the buyers, the sellers, seller’s real estate agent, buyer’s real estate agent, mortgage people, bank/closing people, and it takes at least an hour to sign all documents.
I’m so excited for my new project. I called some other companies too, to let them know it’s time to make time for me, me, me again into their schedules!

Now dinner time! Pasta and meat-sauce in the making. Always a good idea if you ask me, not if you ask Oliver of course…



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