Hunter family



Why do they look different?? Do I need to treat them somehow?
Dirty, but I like the details. Important to be fancy in the rain :)


We are all matchy match in Hunter boots this rainy day:) It’s insane how fast the kids are growing, especially their feet. I felt so bad when we measured their feet in the store. Oliver must have folded his toes in his previous rain boots. Sorry dude, my bad!!
My boots are a few years old and it’s a collaboration (is that the right word?!) between Hunter and Rag & Bone.

Got to go. Time for me to pick up Eddie-Bo in school. Our schedule Tuesdays and Thursdays are kind of funny since Eddie-Bo is in school 9.15-1.15pm and Oliver starts 12.30-3pm. So only 45minutes they are there at the same time. But it’s enough time to check in here!! And I like to spend some one on one time with my boys, makes it a little bit special ♥

Have a good day my friends!


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