Renovation update

New in my kitchen!!!  Brass hood// Fjäråskupan   Range hood// Ilve  and lime paint on the wall. Can’t remember what color I finally picked, have to check that out.


Two Lampe Gras will be installed on each side of the hood, if they ever show up. I ordered them in May. Come on!!

Oh, I ♥ my kitchen in Sweden. The renovation is going so slow, but it’s at least turning out good. I mean, I’ve picked everything so it’s not like a surprise what’s happening :) But it’s of course fun to see how everything comes together. (I need to call tomorrow, I’m not happy about the seems in the backslash though…)
Knobs and/or handles will be the very last thing I pick. At first I was sure I wanted brass, but maybe it will be too much of that since the hood, faucet and parts of the range hood already are brass. We’ll see.

Thank you Lina for sending pictures to me!!



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