Two more month until Xmas



How cute are we?! Me and the boys in matchy Xmas pajamas, from Hanna Andersson.
Johan was not so thrilled when I asked him if he wanted one too :)
Hanna Andersson is my favorite brand when it comes to pajamas. No, I’m not sponsored (but I should be!!) Great quality, they never get washed out.

I’ve been having a great weekend with the kids. Yesterday we had no hockey, or actually not at all on the schedule. Eddie-Bo asked -Can we just stay home and play with our toys? So that’s what we did. We didn’t get dressed until 4pm when we left the house for a playdate, hehe.
But… this morning the alarm went off 6.45am!! Eddie-Bo’s hockey game started 7.30. Too early for me, but we made it on time. He loves it and flew out of bed, I prepared everything the night before, from hockey bag, all clothes, breakfast and of course the coffee machine. Right after the game we headed home for a speed shower and snack, because we didn’t want to miss Liv’s 3rd Halloween birthday party that started 10am!
Busy, but very fun morning!!

Now, bed and tv time for me!

2 thoughts on “Two more month until Xmas

  1. Lina October 25, 2016 / 3:12 pm

    Julmjukisar som är matchy matchy med familjen – sådan målbild!!! Tyckte det var dåligt av Johan att inte han ville ha en! 😘


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