Busy day


I was planning to take one more photo when we were done, but that didn’t happen!

I used to work as a hair stylist back home in Sweden 11 years ago. Oh man, I’m not so young anymore!!

Cut Eddie-Bo’s hair I could have done days ago, well well, me and planning :) At least I got Oliver’s hair done yesterday. We have family photo coming up in the afternoon and I need to get ready myself before I’ve to pick up Oliver in school.

After I dropped off Eddie-Bo in school in the morning, I had a quick meeting with my bank guy, and then me and Oliver went to the gym. He loves their kids club, they can just play or join different classes. Today he took a karate class. Fun! And I just did rehab for my bad back. Love my trainer Matt, but rehab is really not so much fun!
Later, after the photo session, I’m gonna head down to the Joe for a charity meeting with all Redwings girlfriends/wifes and then I’ll stay to watch the game.

Now shower and make up time. Pronto! Busy day :)

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