About Halloween

Last night’s party was a blast!!  I’ve been laughing so much today thinking back of all funny, great costumes! If I went for a sexy outfit? Of course.

So we are Mark and Dave, they are Redwings private parking guys.
They have been wearing these ugly suits for way too many winters and we are always making fun of them :) They are the best guys, always make me laugh! Plus they fuel up my car when needed, love it!!
So we went early to the team party and we stayed outside and welcomed everybody and showed them were to park. I think everybody at first really thought it was real Mark and Dave working. And yes, we won The Best Couple!!

Real Dave! I wish I had one picture of Mark,  he and Johan has the same colored beard, he really looked like him!


And today we’ve been Trick or Treating with the kids!





Me, today as a hungover cat :) Meow, or in Swedish, Mjau!

The boys are now sleeping in these ghost pjs (from Hanna Andersson). They were exhausted and fell asleep so fast after todays all fun!

Finally bedtime for me too, good night!!


4 thoughts on “About Halloween

  1. Jackie gores November 3, 2016 / 2:02 pm

    You do look like those guys, did they ever get new suits


  2. Lina November 2, 2016 / 6:03 am

    Haha er outfit!!! Bästa!! Är det erat hus som är så där halloween-pimpat, på bilden med ytterdörren? 😄


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