Renovation update

The painters are working so fast. Love it. And thanks to the warm weather they were able to paint the brick. Otherwise we would have just done the door and shutters.

Good bye green and welcome grey. (Sherwin-Williams, SW 7069 Iron ore is the color)

1G6A6169 (2).jpg
Behind this glass door there is another door, but I couldn’t close it since it was just painted.

On the inside I have a few demolition men working in full speed!!

Master bathroom.

Second bath.


Carpets are gone and the hardwood floor is in a great condition. I did sneak under the carpet, in all the corners before I bought the house, and I thought they looked good, but you never know… They will be sanded and stained later in the process.

This is so much fun!! And I picked out the kitchen faucet, all bathroom faucets, shower heads, bath tub, toilets etc at Advanced Plumbing today. After that I got all tile done as well.
I know what I like and make fast decisions. Also when you have a budget it cuts down your choices. Great productive day!

2 thoughts on “Renovation update

  1. November 3, 2016 / 8:26 am

    Did you sell the kitchen cupboards? I may Have a friend that need them.

    Jackie gores ( from the wife’s room)

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