Oliver’s room




The crib (that we haven’t used in awhile) is finally gone and Oliver now got a big boy bed (from Ikea) in his room. He was so proud and fell asleep fast. He’s full of energy all day long but luckily he loves to go to bed. Eddie-Bo was also excited to see his old bed again and jumped in and said “take a picture of me for the blog” :)
I’m thinking of maybe painting the room, even though I still like this light grey/blue color, but I’m always up for a change… but first I will start looking for some new pictures for the walls!

Before we changed the beds, I organized Oliver’s closet, and then I couldn’t stop… since we needed to get this big boy bed out of the storage I also started to organize in there… and now I have tons of stuff for donation!

Kram//Xx Cissi

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