Tonight’s dinner



Let’s concentrate on my new towel and not on the dirty oven window :)  Turkish towel with fringes, a trend I like!


Yummy fish served with rice! I didn’t follow a recipe… but this is what I did tonight:

  • Pour a little cream in the bottom and add cod (lite grädde i botten på med torsk)
  • add salt, fresh black pepper, fish seasoning or lemon pepper (salt, svartpeppar, fiskkrydda el citronpeppar)
  • chop the onion and mushrooms and slice the tomatoes (hacka lök och championerna, skiva tomaterna)
  • add some more salt, black pepper and fish seasoning (salt, svartpeppar, fiskkrydda)
  • pour over cream (tillsätt grädde)
  • add one cube of vegetable boullion (en kub grönsaksbuljong)
  • squeeze a half lemon over all (saft från en halv citron)
  • add about 3-4 tablespoon white wine (3-4 msk vitt vin)
  • I normally also use dill, but didn’t have any at home :)

Around 20 minutes in the oven 390F/200C

Enjoy! Smaklig måltid!

I’m sitting here following the election. I’m not an American citizen so I’m not allowed to vote. I just feel this whole election is a joke. How did those two end up there of all people in this big country?!

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