Xmas countdown



This year I will use these burgundy pillows for Xmas (from West Elm), mixed with silver, gold, grey candles, faux fur, lots of string lights and green trees…Wow, I’m impressed I will have some color in the house :) And I think I will keep some of the blue pillows as well. When is it ok to start decorate?? For Thanksgiving at least, right??


And here is a few things I might order from Restoration Hardware…



prod9930079_E49194760_F_RS.jpegThe most beautiful ornaments I’ve ever seen I think!!

I’m already playing some Xmas music in the car :) Channel 100.3 it is. Yes, I love Xmas so much!!

Another thing I love is massage. We have Mark our massage therapist in the house tonight, the best!! Eddie-Bo always gets ten minutes and it was bedtime for him, guess who fell asleep, hehe, so cute.

Got to go, it’s my turn!
Kram//Xx Cissi




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