Charity morning and party coming up

Wallpaper// John Bauer from .They have many cool pictures that you can order on canvas or any size wallpaper!



This area on our second floor, has been full of donation stuff all week. I’ve been like a maniac sorting out all closets, storage and bathroom cabinets. And this morning me, Rachel and Colleen, my “Redwings wifey buddies”, dropped off lots of stuff that we’ve been collecting for Alternatives for girls. It’s a shelter for girls between 15-21 years old in downtown Detroit, where the girls and their children can stay and get help in many ways. As soon we dropped off our donations, one woman asked if we had diapers size 4 and clothes for for a baby and a three year old, and we had that! She took the stuff right away and went up to one of the girls. We also had bought lots of feminine and hygiene products.

I’m happy my house is organized and even more happy to help these poor girls in need!!

A visit to a park with my boys is next on today’s schedule and later tonight we are going out to celebrate our awesome friend Marc, it’s birthday!! And I love birthdays!!

Happy Friday my friends!!


One thought on “Charity morning and party coming up

  1. Svärmor Annika November 11, 2016 / 9:06 pm

    Så glad jag blir när jag läser om erat engagemang för de som behöver….det värmer mitt hjärta. Pok


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