Swedish Fathers day!


Remember I said the other day about some burgundy and blue for my Xmas decoration?! Wow, hubby in this shirt (from Theory) and my decoration will look awesome together on Xmas Eve ;)
Jacket from one of my favorite brands// Rag & Bone
A fragrance that both look and smell great// John Varvatos  (and btw, he’s from Detroit)


Hooray for all the dads in Sweden on Fathers Day! There was no time for a long cozy breakfast since Eddie-Bo had a game in the morning, that we all went to, including his best friends that stayed over night!
But after that it was time for gifts and drawings! Eddie-Bo and Oliver adore and love their dad so much, even though I know he’s not the dad he wish he could be. The other day he said to me “you know what’s the worst for me? That I’m not able to show how hard you need to work in life…” and that was really painful to hear… Instead of gifts and love from us I wish we could get his head healthy again. This post concussion syndrome is no fun and I can’t believe it will be two years in January, since he had his concussion. But I have hope for the future!!

And of course I called MY wonderful dad today, to tell him I love and miss him very much!! My “bonus dad” (my brother Victors real dad) also got a call from me. He has also always been there for me since I was nine years old! ♥

Kram//Xx Cissi


4 thoughts on “Swedish Fathers day!

  1. Dina November 14, 2016 / 8:45 pm

    Happy fathers day to Johan! I pray your wish co.es true also and his head magically clears one day for you and the boys. All the best to you all 😊🌟


  2. galgfia November 13, 2016 / 7:43 pm

    Så otroligt fint skrivet…jag blir så rörd. Min son har fått den underbaraste fru och livskamrat….tack för jag får ha dig som svärdotter ❤


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