Sauna & a freezing pool

Eddie-Bo is a true mini version of his dad :) After the hockey practice this morning he asked if he could use the sauna. And when daddy jumped into the freezing cold pool, Eddie-Bo did the same!

Almost every day off during the seasons, when Johan used to play, he biked in the sauna and took ice bath! And behind that mirror is a tv, important stuff :)

Oliver joined his brother and daddy for a little bit.

I think they went back and forth six times. I like sauna, but I’m not a big fan of cold water… and I never thought Eddie-Bo was gonna do it, I was clearly wrong about that.

And when the pool is closed, he fills this tub with cold water and tons of ice… brrr



That was some pictures from our day so far! The weather in Michigan can change really quick, a few minutes after I took these pictures, it started to snow!
I’m at the moment decorating and listening to Xmas music, hubby is not a big fan of that and goes nuts, haha, but I don’t care about that.

Kram//Xx Cissi

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