Advent 1st

A weeks worth of calories, haha!! Broccoli or kale was not on today’s menu… instead I had saffron buns, Gunillas chocolate fudge, saffron chocolate cake, gingerbread and some candy, yum!

Hubby just said, you are Xmas crazy, and yes I am :)  I was baking all morning, playing Xmas music in my Xmas pj :) All our Swedish friends came over in the afternoon to celebrate Advent 1st. The house was as full as our stomachs after we were done eating our fika. I also made tomtegröt (rice pudding that we cook this time of the year) for the whole Usa I think, I guess I learned a lesson to not make that much in one pot (that was crazy big)  and it took forever… I had luckily made one batch before all guests arrived…

Saffron buns in the making
Today I filled them with butter, sugar and almond paste. 

Once again recipe  from Lindas bakskola.

Love our Swedish traditions!!

Now I need to lay down and enjoy some tv time!!



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