Renovation update

I just ordered a new railing (staket och trappräcke) the one you see above, well not really my taste…

IMG_0100.jpgThe painters are done ripping off all the wallpapers and are now doing all the prep work.

At the same time the tile guys are doing there job. This pictures was taken right before the holiday, and this one at lunch time today, speedy guys, love it!!


I’m still in love with marble. But it’s too expensive to use a lot of it at a flip house, so I decided to use marble thresholds (trösklar) to get a more luxury feeling.

And second bath looks like this right now.


I wanted to do herringbone pattern (fiskbensmönster), but that require more cutting and time… so I passed on that. But I really like that look!

Oh I should have taken a better picture of the kitchen… the wall between the old kitchen and dining room is gone and a new beam is up in the ceiling, so this space will now turn into a big kitchen and a mud hall (groventre).
And where the door is, the new stove and rang hood will be!


Now, I’m gonna keep working on the kitchen lay out. The plumber and electrician will start their work in the kitchen in a few days, so I need to hurry up!!

And now my landscaping guys showed up to do a fall clean up at our house. I’ve done some of that myself, which I really like, but my sensitive back is not a big fan of yard work. Well, I must say I do a good job creating work for many people!! Did I say my babysitter is here too :)

Ok, kitchen planning it is, pronto!!

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